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Wuapu Naturcorn

news_naturcornWuapu introduces Naturcorn the new highly absorbent cat litter, 100% natural,  made of corn and is therefore biodegradable. Wuapu Naturcorn is free of dust and gives off a fresh scent.

This substrate clumps with your cat’s depositions and, once collected with a shovel, the litter clumps can be thrown into the toilet, since Wuapu Naturcorn quickly dissolves in water.

Properties: clumpable, 100% natural, biodegradable, dust-free, scented, economical (1 cat = 1 month).

Naturcon Wuapu 6 l is sufficient for 1 cat and 1 month.



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Wuapu Cat and Dog Odor Eliminator

Wuapu Cat and Dog Odor Eliminator

Wuapu launches from Barcelona two innovative products that neutralize and eliminate pet odors instantly and permanently: Wuapu Dog Odor Eliminator and Wuapu Cat Odor Eliminator.

Unlike traditional fresheners, Wuapu pet odor removers do not mask the odors: Wuapu Dog Odor Eliminator and Wuapu Cat Odor Eliminator act directly over the molecules that cause odors, instantly neutralizing them, and spreading also a pleasant scent for your pet. Thus, Wuapu products first remove the odor, and then, besides, add a sweet fragrance.

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Wuapu Cat and Dog Shampoos and Conditioners

Natural health and nutrients for your pet’s hair and skin

Wuapu launches from Barcelona its new line of natural shampoos and conditioners especially formulated to meet your dog or cat’s specific needs. With their new improved formula, all Wuapu shampoos have a pH level especially adjusted to your dog or cat’s skin, and each of them is enriched with different natural ingredients in order to address the distinct needs of each pet.

PH level of 7.5
While human skin has a normal pH value of 5.5, the pH level of dogs and cats’ skin is around 7.5; therefore, shampoos at pH 5.5 are ideal for humans, but they are dangerously acids for dogs and cats’ skin. In order to respect and look after your pet’s skin, all Wuapu shampoos are formulated to keep a pH level of 7.5, especially adjusted to dogs and cats’ skin.
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