New Shampoos for Specific Breeds Like Chihuahua, Schnauzer, Golden Retriever,Labrador, Bulldog, German Sheperd


Wuapu launches from Barcelona its new shampoo line to cover specific needs in specific breeds: Chihuahua, Schnauzer y Long Black Fur Breeds, Buldogs, Golden Retriever/ Labrador and Pastor Alemán.

This range has been formulated with the most beneficial natural ingredients to satisfy the specific needs of specific breeds :

– Orange extract: powerful anti oxidant rich in alfa hydroxy acids ,moisturizing and protecting against environmental damages, for breeds like Chihuahua with very short hair and exposed skin to environmental damages.

– Walnut leafs Extract : rich in polifenols that clear black furs and tanins with astringent , anti-seborrheic and anti-dundruff properties.

– Hidrolized wheat protein : with hydrating , restructuring and protecting properties for those extra sensitive breeds like Bulldogs.

– Low molecular weight vegetable proteins thus penetrating deeply into skin and hair to deeply moisturize.

– Shea Butter: very powerful regenerating skin and it avoids dehydration and aging of skin and fur.

– Keratin: key protein in hair, topical use of this protein benefits German Sheperd long hair quality.