Wuapu Cat and Dog Shampoos and Conditioners

Natural health and nutrients for your pet’s hair and skin

Wuapu launches from Barcelona its new line of natural shampoos and conditioners especially formulated to meet your dog or cat’s specific needs. With their new improved formula, all Wuapu shampoos have a pH level especially adjusted to your dog or cat’s skin, and each of them is enriched with different natural ingredients in order to address the distinct needs of each pet.

PH level of 7.5
While human skin has a normal pH value of 5.5, the pH level of dogs and cats’ skin is around 7.5; therefore, shampoos at pH 5.5 are ideal for humans, but they are dangerously acids for dogs and cats’ skin. In order to respect and look after your pet’s skin, all Wuapu shampoos are formulated to keep a pH level of 7.5, especially adjusted to dogs and cats’ skin.

Wuapu White Hair Shampoo

Formulated with mango extract, Wuapu White Hair Shampoo is especially recommended for dogs with white-hair coats: its mango extract helps to whiten dogs oxidized coats, moisturize your dog’s skin and coat and minimize its irritation.
Mango has moisturizing and antioxidant properties, and thanks to its active ingredients (carbohydrates, AHAs and vitamins), this shampoo provides your pet with anti-aging effects, UV protection and protection of its natural hair color.


Wuapu Long Hair Shampoo

Enriched with hydrolyzed oat, Wuapu Long Hair Shampoo is especially recommended for long-haired dog breeds: its oat nutrients provide elasticity to your dog’s hair and reduce its static electricity, making its brushing easier. The proteins from hydrolyzed oat condition, moisturize and repair your dog’s skin and hair, while its Avenanthramides provide antioxidant properties.


Wuapu Yorkshire Shampoo

Enriched with brewer’s yeast extract, Wuapu Yorkshire Shampoo is recommended for Yorkshire breed dogs, and in general for greasy skin dog breeds, since the nutrients of brewer’s yeast help to regenerate their bacterial flora and provide anti-seborrheic properties.
Yeast extract is rich in Vitamin B2 (or riboflavin), which strengthens your dog’s hair structure; in Vitamin B6, which combats seborrhea; in Vitamin B9, which prevents hair discoloration; and in Selenium, which helps to eliminate dandruff. For all these properties, brewer’s yeast constitutes an ideal complement to look after your pet’s hair and skin.


Wuapu Repellent Shampoo

Thanks to its natural scent of citronella, Wuapu Repellent Shampoo is especially formulated to prevent and repel infestations of external parasites such as fleas, ticks, etc. Wuapu shampoo does not include any kind of chemical insecticide, but only natural extracts that repel external parasites.


Wuapu Puppy Shampoo

Enriched with apricot extract, Wuapu Puppy Shampoo is especially recommended for puppies (and also for dogs with sensitive skin), since puppies are continually growing and developing their dermal layer, and apricot extract has exfoliating properties and contributes to their hair regeneration.
Additionally, apricot is rich in amino acids and vitamins that smooth, invigorate and revitalize your dog’s skin; in carbohydrates and AHAs that provide moisturizing and emollient properties; and in vitamin C, which provides antioxidant properties and protection to your puppy’s hair.


Wuapu Frequent Use Shampoo

Wuapu Frequent Use Shampoo is enriched with chamomile extract that makes it especially suitable for frequent use and dogs with sensitive skin, since chamomile is rich in flavonoids and essential oils that look after and repair sensitive and irritated skins. Thus, chamomile soothes, smoothes and protects your pet’s skin and hair.


Wuapu Dry Foam Shampoo

Wuapu Dry Foam Shampoo has been especially formulated for the hygiene of dogs and cats in those periods when they should not get wet; for example, before the application of their first vaccine.


Wuapu Conditioner and Untangling Balm

Enriched with hydrolyzed silk, Wuapu Conditioner and Untangling Balm is especially formulated to eliminate knots and facilitate brushing on long hair coats. Its silk proteins provide moisturizing, repairing and conditioner properties to your dog’s hair and skin.


Wuapu Cat Shampoo

Enriched with honey extract, Wuapu Cat Shampoo has been especially formulated for cats. Honey provides moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that are very suitable for the cats’ sensitive skin. Thus, Wuapu Cat Shampoo with honey extract provides your cat’s skin and hair a natural brightness and a high moisturizing effect.